Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is there anyone out there

Is there anyone out there actually reading this? I have nothing new and exciting to report. I still have MS. YEEEEhaw. At least its the one consistant thing in my life. I know everyday when I wake up and everyday when I go to bed that MS my faithful friend will stil be there with me. Although.... if it plans on hanging around for such a long time and attending all my "special" occasions, and butting in at the most inappropriate times, then my good friend MS should at least buy me a Christmas gift!


  1. It would be difficult to develop a cure for that with a pill.....especially seeing the pill manufacturers have the [condition] you spoke about in a runaway case.....

    I thought the article was funny but the language may offend some people.

  2. I found your blog from PLM. You're too ca-ute. I understand where you are coming from. Check out my blog too at If you like it, follow me and I will follow you too. Thaks.

  3. Hi Physically challanged ministy I will tone down the language...

    Starla I cant seem to find your blog?? I would be glad to follow if I could access it!

  4. Starla I am now following your blog!